Jaded Visions

There are two grid hunts going on at the moment; as well as the Kissed hunt there’s another called Greatest Love, also on a Valentine theme. I heard about a mens gift on this hunt, from jaded Visions. This comprises a full set of outfits, even the shoes and socks are included as well as 4 pairs of pants,a button-up shirt and 3 sweaters, for a smart-casual look.

Jaded Visions hunt gift


More Kiss Hunt goodies

First pic – The pants (yay for hi-rise pants that I can wear with a shirt-layer shirt!!) are from Pixeldolls. The shirt, along with a bunch of other stuff, including an incredibly camp glittery suit (second pic), are from Triniti Paradise. Which, I have to say, is a beautifully-built sim.

kisshunt2_001 kisshunt2_003

The Kissed Gridwide Hunt

I flat refuse to do this hunt, only to get frustrated at having 256 million things (pink) for girls, and one for guys. A little research has let me to two definite Kisses for the guys, which I’m picturing here.

The skin is Kiss # 16 from the Ewan range in Belleza (just inside the door of the mens section). The outfit is Kiss #17 from Alphamale, comprising a combat-print t-shirt, black jeans and sculpted beanie hat.

Kiss Gridwide Hunt

Someone seriously needs to do a gridwide hunt for the boys.

Savvy Avvy

Savvy Avvy is having a Christmas gift hunt – I’m not sure how much longer it’s running but I avise you to be quick. There are apparently 15 boxes (although I only found 10), and there are some for men as well as women. Here are some of the things that I did manage to find. All the prim attachments are modifiable.

Hint: Look up as well as down, and there are some outside the store as well as inside.

savvy_001 savvy_002

savvy_003 savvy_004

I particularly like the trenchcoat and sculpty Fedora, and the DJ headphones.

Alpha Male and Young Urban

Found by chance in the Second Guy Clothiers mall in Sweetgrass. Two stores side by side, eac h with a freebie pack.

The first one, Alphamale, comprises a black leather blouson-style jacket with a choice of jeans in different colours. The jacket has prim collar and cuffs. Unless you are King Kong, you’ll want to wear the Small one.

alphamale jacket and jeans

alphamale jacket and jeans

At Young Urban, right next door, there’s a freebie pack by the door with an assortment of stuff in it. two pairs of jeans, three sports jackets, three sweaters, three polo shirts, a t-shirt and a button-down plaid shirt.  Too many to take photos of everything, but here’s a selection.

This SLURL will take you to right outside the two stores – Alphamale is on the right, The Young Urban on the left.


hair and skin mix

I’ve got an assortment of skins and hair for you today, all found by my friend Lewis Luminos.

The hair is all from Philotic Energy, one of them I already reviewed in my Hair Fair post but there’s more in store now. They come in masses of colours including a variety of tipped shades, although the Colby style you pay your dollar for each colour pack rather than for the whole range.


The skins come from three different places. The first one is by Olila who blogged in March about some skins she’d made herself and was offering free of charge at her permanent yardsale. There are three shades ranging from well-tanned to dark, with nice face detail. Pictured here with the Boyd hairstyle from PE, featuring knitted hat. Be careful in the yardsale – you get spammed asking if you want to update a hud (that you don’t own). I didn’t trust it and you shouldn’t either.


The second – well there’s a story behind this one. About a year ago I came across a freebie/reseller store in an Italian sim, and there were some free male skins on offer. When I looked at them, I thought they were pretty good, but they were full-perm and that set off alarm bells for me. Assuming they’d been stolen, I went on a hunt trying to find where they’d come from. A year later I’m still none the wiser, after hearing many suggestions of where they might have been ripped from, and trying on just about every male skin demo on the grid, I’ve found nothing to match, and no-ones stepped up to claim them. So, I figured that there is no issue with these skins, I boxed them up and sent them to Sarah Nerd, who now stocks them at her Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise. There are three tones of skin with 7 facial hair styles in each. Pictured here with the Colby hair. The slurl is to the exact location of the box, because it’s a big place out there.


The last skin is a group gift on offer at the Belleza store. And, omg, this is singly the best freebie skin I heve ever seen, anywhere, bar none. The quality is stunning and a good reflection of the quality you can expect if you buy one of their full price skins. The tone is tanned, the body is hairless, and there’s a little bit of subtle facial hair round the chin. My only complaint about it is the eyebrows (or rather the apparent lack of them). But aside from that triviality, this is a really, REALLY good skin.


Total cost: (for the hair)  L$3

Finally please welcome Lewis as a regular writer for Free For Men, seeing as he’s been doing such an admirable job rooting out freebies I’ve decided to let him write his own articles instead of making me do it.

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Circle Jewellery

These treats were found for me by my friend Lewis who sent me some pics of freebies he picked up at Circle Jewellery.


There are three freebies on offer here, a pair of gold bangle bracelets (which is a little more for the ladies I think), a heavy gold chain bracelet, and an ethnic-style pendant on a leather thong. The latter two look as great on a guy as they would on a girl. All items here are mod/trans so you can give them as gifts, and of course they’re modifyable as all prim attachments should be. The chain bracelet is bling-y but it’s subtle, and as it’s moddable you can take that out if you wish.

Lewis is also modelling the silver eyebrow piercing which is available to purchase from the same store, along with an assortment of other piercings and jewellery for both men and women.

(Lewis is also wearing: Skin by Signature, Hair by Laqroki, shirt by Sidewalk, none of these are free).

Lewis, you’re looking great there.

PS: The creator’s name is Circle Widdershins, which I think is one of the neatest names I’ve seen in SL.

Total cost: L$0